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The rise of virtual reality

While VR might seem the type of technology that would appeal only to diehard gamers or children, the truth is that it is being implemented in a number of different ways that might surprise the public. It has been a little slow to catch on, but experts predict that VR will start to appear in […]

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Borderless business: the rising influence of web developers in developing countries

The development and usage of new and innovative technologies have almost always been considered the domain of established markets such as the United States, Canada and Japan, with Silicon Valley, New York and Toronto having headquartered some of the most cutting-edge tech start-ups, web development platforms and IT companies we have seen in recent decades […]

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No Profit No Problem

Internet companies dominate business conversation, amongst many other types of conversations. You may have even heard the word “growth” a few times, if it isn’t already the word synonymous with companies like Uber, Snap, Spotify and Amazon. In all other types of conversation, these companies are key prompters. “Should we just Uber our way to […]

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