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Mobile App Failure: Reasons to Consider

This year, global mobile app revenue is going to rich $461.7Bn. By 2023, Statista research predicts a considerable increase up to $935.2Bn. The market is certainly getting stricter in terms of competition and fight for users` attention. While high demand attracts more creative app solutions, the competition opens more opportunities to fail.  Since the app […]

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Texting: An Undervalued Marketing Tool

All businesses with a marketing professional, small or large, curate their content selection and distribution platform contingent with the demographics of their target audience and past results. For many marketing professionals, this might look like a social media calendar, leveraging automation services, and looking at in-platform analytics which are easy to digest. And why should […]

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Marketing innovations are dominating 2019

In this digital age, it almost certainly goes without saying that the entire world has been positively transformed by the rising popularity and overwhelming presence of technological impact and digitalisation. Practically every aspect of modern life has been fundamentally changed. From education and healthcare, to automotives and the creative arts, to security and business, technologies […]

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