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Technological Advancement Continues To Revolutionise Law

The international legal industry is made up of different factions that ultimately belong to different countries and regions, each of which operates to their own set of legal framework. Around the world, these legal frameworks differ – sometimes greatly – and each has their own set of necessities and understandings around which said frameworks operate. The law […]

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Cybersecurity vs. cyber crimes: the global cost

Cyber technology dominates the world’s economic, commercial, political, social and personal processes. Any compromise of this technology can harm a nation’s security, wealth and social fabric. Recent events have more than proved how breached cybersecurity can affect infrastructure, political outcomes, corporate standing, and personal data globally. As cyber technology evolves and progresses, moving on from […]

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Ethical Hacking and Reverse Strategic Planning: Counting the Stakeholders, Assessing the Stakes

Brick and mortar shops, customers willing to take out spare time from their lives before shelling out any money, business partners and B2B meetings scheduled in person, the buying experience being as significant as the product itself – the world without the internet was marred with inconveniences and pronounced simplicity. The definition of business itself […]

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