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Getting Serious About Education: The Crisis in Rural America

When it comes to education, we usually assume struggling schools are those in inner-city neighborhoods. They’re the schools riddled with graffiti, drugs, deteriorating infrastructure, and violence. And though it’s not far from the truth that inner-city schools are struggling, the same situation can be found in America’s rural areas. We hardly take a second thought […]

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A degree of competition: the rise of online degrees

There’s not much you can’t do online. Thanks to the Internet, anyone can work, shop, socialize, date, and learn about ancient history or last night’s winning lottery numbers. However, online learning today goes far beyond Googling fast facts and “surfing the ‘net.” Millions of students—from kindergarteners to post-graduates—are taking advantage of the convenience of online […]

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Corporate training taking major leaps and bounds with technology and innovation

For major corporations and large organizations, training plays a catalytic role in preparing employees to fulfill their duties. And as these companies have discovered, how you train human capital plays a key role in future leadership and success. The Untapped Potential for Better Corporate Training Most large organizations have some sort of corporate training program […]

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