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Corporate training taking major leaps and bounds with technology and innovation

For major corporations and large organizations, training plays a catalytic role in preparing employees to fulfill their duties. And as these companies have discovered, how you train human capital plays a key role in future leadership and success. The Untapped Potential for Better Corporate Training Most large organizations have some sort of corporate training program […]

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Privacy in education must be top priority

The education industry has been profoundly impacted by the rise of modern technology. For every traditional learning method, tool, or skill, there are five digital counterparts in development or already making waves in the education sector. Students are given their own iPad or laptop to do their homework on and they take touch type and […]

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Is Remote Proctoring the Future of Exam Based Education? Observations and Realities

Standardized tests have become a routine part of modern day education and naturally, they have their benefits and downfalls. Testing students on preset questions based on collective learning resources such as books, articles or class notes makes it a lot easier for teachers and educators to be able to obtain an idea about their students’ […]

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