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Privacy in education must be top priority

The education industry has been profoundly impacted by the rise of modern technology. For every traditional learning method, tool, or skill, there are five digital counterparts in development or already making waves in the education sector. Students are given their own iPad or laptop to do their homework on and they take touch type and […]

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U.S. Student Debt Exceeds 1.5 Trillion

Student debt in the U.S. recently eclipsed a staggering $1.5 trillion, ballooning by almost a trillion dollars in just the last decade. Increasing tuition and stagnant wages have built the possibility of a future student loan crisis, a consequence from the inability of recent college graduates to build long term savings. With tuition costs rising […]

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An in depth look into summer assignments

Summers are here. It is time to bid goodbye to the chill of the winter months, to savor the warmth of the summer, relax and socialize with friends. Summers are doubly enjoyable for children as school is almost out of question; children are freed from the restrictions of the four walls of a classroom and […]

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