The Industry of Call Centers and Why They Are Not yet Obsolete

Call centers help companies keep up with their consumers and expand their customer base. If you’re planning to expand your business overseas, then a call center can make new contacts for you in the region where you’re expanding.

Call centers can use a CRM (customer relationship management) database to keep up with their customers’ call histories and provide online support as well. Keep reading to see what industries use call centers and how.

The smartphone industry

Certainly, you’ve been warned that computers are the wave of the future. Thanks to smartphone technology, now everyone’s walking around with computers in their hand. Because of these small devices, individuals can walk around with the solution to just about any problem right in the palms of their hands. For all the benefits of smartphones, they come with a whole laundry list of potential problems.

While smartphones give you the power of a computer in your pocket — and you can ask them nearly anything — people still prefer to get help with them over the phone. With these powerful devices, there is so much that can go wrong. They can have hardware, software, and connectivity issues, and it isn’t always easy to tell which one is the matter at hand.

The people who develop smartphones are too busy developing more smartphones to waste time chatting about data problems or issues with the music app. This is why the top smartphone makers and service providers turn to call centers to handle their customer inquiries. These call centers are capable of helping customers with hardware issues, bill pay, and can even assist customers who want to add services.

Credit card companies

It is likely that when you think of call centers, you think mainly of inbound call answering services. But this is only a small portion of the functions they perform. Not only are they used to answer inbound inquiries, but they’re also used to make, screen, and record calls. This allows businesses to conduct customer happiness research and track the quality and length of calls. The right CRM can perform telemarketing and customer profiling functions for you.

Credit card companies are a big time user of call centers for those functions. They utilize call centers to manage their relationships with existing customers as well as attract new ones. Like many businesses in other industries, credit card companies are switching to hosted call centers to provide these services.

Small and midsize businesses

Thanks to technology, small and midsize businesses are better able to compete with big businesses than at any other time in American history. One type of technology that many small businesses and startups are making great use of is the cloud contact center. These contact centers do wonders for small businesses as far as enabling them to expand their reach beyond the borders of the US.

These contact centers provide much more than just inbound call support. Since they are programs accessed online via remote servers, companies don’t have to manage the software, leveling the playing field in a major way. Whichever company you purchase the software from will manage the software for you, so you don’t have to train your staff on how to run the program or hire additional IT staff.

In addition to phone solutions, this software can also be used to provide your website with a more user-friendly interface. Imagine your customers visiting your website and being prompted to subscribe to your email list or newsletter. Imagine a chat box popping up and offering them instant, live support. You can even use this program to remember users who return to your website and keep up with data, such as their contact info and buying habits.

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