Drink Driving Laws Do Little to Curb the Rising Death Toll on Their Roads

Around the world, there is a set of strict auto laws in place in countries and regions that are designed to protect and preserve. As is the case with any branch of law, these laws have not been put in place lightly, and it is obviously in the best interest of all civilians to comply with these laws, or otherwise suffer the consequences. The whole point of a law is that it bends for no one. And yet, even with the threat of the law – and possible time in prison – people still break the law. This is happening in every facet of the legal systems globally, but it is most common in the realm of auto law. In Australia, for example, traffic incidents are alarmingly common, and as a result road deaths have exceeded 1,300 for the third year in a row. This marks the most successive rises in the number of annual road deaths in the country since 1970, when nearly 4,000 (3,798 people, to be exact) lost their lives on Australian roads. Looking at these numbers, by all counts it is entirely fair to say that this is an issue that has reached epidemic proportions.

The drink driving (and all others, for that matter) auto laws in place in Australia are as strict and unrelenting as ever, even having been tightened considerably in recent times in a collective legal and moral effort to quell the number of injuries and fatalities on the roads. Consider the drink driving laws in the country, for example. As of April 2018, any driver caught exceeding 0.05 blood alcohol level will incur an automatic loss of licence, as well as a requirement to complete a compulsory drink driver behaviour change program. This change to the drink driving law in Australia was put in place to hopefully stop the mountains of senseless injury and loss of life in the wake of drunk driving, and yet we continue to see a scary rise in death tolls. While this rise is slowing, it is still very much there, and it is destroying lives and families every single day.

The death toll on Australian roads speaks volumes of a nation that is in desperate need for immediate change, but with so many legal ramifications in place already, how much more can the legal system do? At some point, auto laws are not enough, even as those who are responsible for drink driving incidents are made to go through the courts and pay both financially and morally for their crimes against society. There is a very good reason that drunk driving is a crime, and it is the reason that the legal system, and the whole of Australia (not to mention the entire world, with each respective country and region having its own ongoing legal battles with drink driving laws and ramifications), is fighting for constant improvement. There is a need to quell the senseless and growing loss of life on the roads, and the legal system has done just about everything it can. It is now, more or less, the responsibility of the people in the country to hold themselves to the law.

Drink driving traffic incidents are harrowing, to say the least, and they are traumatic not only for any victims and their loved ones, and the society and nation, but the perpetrator as well. Drunk drivers rarely (if ever) consider the impact their actions have on others, until after the fact, when the damage is well and truly done. The rising number in drink driving accidents has resulted in more property damage, injury, and fatality than ever before. These are the facts…cold, hard, and unrelenting. And as a result, automobile attorneys have never been in higher demand in the country than they are right now. While this is not an issue that is unique to Australia, it is one that is exceedingly proving to be overpowering, to say the least. This is a nation that is fighting tooth and nail, collectively banding together to try to ensure a safer, healthier future – one where drink driving and all its consequential legalities do not exist (or at the very least, exist on the lowest possible plain).

Drink driving laws in Australia are stricter than most (if not all) other countries, and yet this is a nation that constantly sees a rise in its traffic incidents by cause of alcohol intoxication. It is a damning reality, and it is one that the nation and its people are constantly calling for improvements, for change. While the majority of locals in the country abide by all auto laws – including and especially blood alcohol levels – there is quite literally a dangerous percentage that do not adhere to the same moral code or sense of self control. Drink driving is the number one killer on Australian roads, and the time for change was yesterday. All the refinements and redrafts to the drink driving laws in the world are not enough if those who get behind the wheel while intoxicated do not own their responsibility in the change. As with anything else, the law can only do so much – the rest, is up to the people.

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