Month: April 2019

Taking the global financial industry digital

When it comes to expressing innovation, and encouraging growth, there is perhaps no better way to do precisely that, than encouraging and procuring technological advancement and rapid digitalisation, in all their forms. The world we live in today is the product of consistent and unrelenting feats of technological proficiency, and it is this way because […]

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3 Ways Technology is Completely Overhauling Property Management

These days, advances in technology have a major impact on industries and businesses of all sizes. Nowhere is this more obvious than in real estate rentals and property management. Although the United States is predominantly a nation of homeowners, about 35 percent of the country rents their residence. Property management software solutions, especially, are providing […]

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Social Commerce: Bringing the Best of Both Social Media and E-Commerce and How it’s Going to Redefine Online Shopping

The internet has not only revolutionized the way we consume information or how we interact with the people around us, it has also paved the way for an interactive and personalized shopping experience with the convenience of doing it all online. What was once an exclusive domain among malls and physical stores, online shopping and […]

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