Real Estate Tech Is Disrupting the Entire Sector

Anyone who has ever made the decision and acted to invest in real estate before knows that the process is exciting, gradual, and all-consuming. From meeting with a select real estate agency and money lender to go over viable property investment options, to making the all-important decision of which (if any) properties to put your money and time into, the real estate game is a trying one. It is no secret that real estate is one of the best and most intricately woven ways to make money. But when there is money to be made, there is nearly always (rightfully) work that must be put in. It is no different for real estate – in fact, real estate is one of those opportunities that literally requires blood, sweat, and tears to get it done (particularly if you are in the business of flipping houses, for instance). From making real estate investment more globally accessible, to entirely reshaping some of the industries more traditionally frustrating systems and processes, there has never been a more exciting or more fruitful time to dive into the real estate investment pool; come on in, the water’s more than fine.

Being so expensive, it is rare that anyone invests in real estate without having fallen in love with the property of interest – it simply does not make sense to purchase a property, given how much money it costs to do so, without being entirely certain that you love said property. This is where technology comes in and swiftly throws everything we know about the real estate sector up in the air. With technological advancements like social media and VR property appointments beginning to gain momentum in the real estate industry, the truth is now more obvious than ever: the future of real estate is digital. Like the rest of the world, the property sector has realised that, in order to transition from this era into the next, it must re-adapt and evolve with it, not fight against it. We are constantly concerned with the potential risks of technological impact within industries that we do not celebrate the benefits of said technological impact nearly enough. It is time to change that. We must not only be perceptive to these changes, but embrace them wholeheartedly and without exception. Anything less will leave us in a definitive loop that is impossible to hole our way out of; the industry is changing, and we should not be fighting the change…let us embrace it.

Despite this technological proficiency evolution, real estate remains one of the very few industries that needs its original foundations to be kept at least partially whole. Real estate requires a human touch, and that is something that technology simply cannot override. And, in what has proven to be something of a shock twist, property is not one of the industries that is at genuine risk of being completely overtaken with technological advancements and developments. Instead, the technology being brought into the industry is unique in that currently holds no probable outcome that leads to the eradication of human action in real estate. In real estate at least, the existing and incoming technologies being welcomed into the sector are made solely to enhance the industry, not take away from its hard-working professionals. Additionally, technological impact is making the buyer experience more inclusive, efficient, and fast than ever before. Welcome to the future.

Real estate can be a gamble, but the fruits of investing your time and money into property will continue to flourish and provide all you could ever need. In addition to the opportunity to invest in real estate not only locally, but globally, now more than ever we are seeing an evolution in the industry that speaks of the transcendence of humanity’s desire to expand. We are investing in and further expanding our own property portfolios, and in turn that creates a global influx of property investment that continues to soar past previous expectations. Having slices of Home not only in our local areas, but strewn across the world in all our favourite places, allows us the advantage of dipping our toes into the real estate sector on a global scale. Real estate has never been in such an exciting, overwhelmingly fantastic stage of evolution before. This is where it all starts.

The real estate industry is the gift that keeps on giving; we can find display homes, a business location, homes away from home. Essentially, with every property that is added to one’s property portfolio, we extend not only our own real estate umbrella, but the global real estate market – every property purchase (and sale) counts. With technological impact, the real estate sector has again been transitioned beyond its initial foundations, making it one of the most profound industries in the world to have been the subject of advancement, development, and expansion of all kinds.

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