2019 e-commerce trends in the jewelry industry sparking interest

The jewelry e-commerce industry has grown immensely in recent years, and 2019 promises to be another exceptional year. Competition is heating up as more retailers join the e-commerce industry. Focusing on important trends in the new year can help companies stay at the front of the pack.

These five trends may shape the jewelry e-commerce industry in 2019:

The Rise of 360-Degree Online Product Videos

360-degree product videos allow online consumers to get a thorough look at products. This can be especially valuable for online jewelry retailers, as fine details can be lost in standard photography. Allowing a customer to see every angle of their purchase when shopping for engagement rings online can be a tremendous boost to sales.

The Increasing Use of Mobile-Centric Shopping

More and more consumers are making purchases directly from their phones, avoiding brick and mortar stores and even personal computers. It’s very important that online retailers ensure their websites are mobile-friendly to take advantage of this trend.

Retailers who upgrade their websites to allow mobile consumers to fully utilize search and compare features can seize the future of sales in 2019.

The Impact of Commerce on Social Media

Online consumers can now make purchases directly from some social media sites, including Instagram. Social media e-commerce often feels organic to consumers, leading to impulse buys, and it can boost traffic to social media sites.

Businesses in the jewelry e-commerce market can take advantage of this trend by ensuring they have a social media presence. Some businesses can even focus on developing a cross-platform strategy to get consumers interested in their products throughout their social-media experience.

The Appeal of Technology Consumers Can Wear

Not all jewelry e-commerce trends are concerned with adjusting to new sales options. Some trends are tied to jewelry itself. Smart watches have already proven that consumers are interested in wearable technology that looks sharp and provides them with useful services.

Experts are predicting that consumers could be interested in more stylish forms of wearable technology. Bracelets that inform you of an incoming call or an urgent message, while still looking beautiful, can fit a niche in the consumer market.

E-commerce jewelry retailers can take advantage of this trend to explore new options for jewelry design in 2019 and moving forward.

The Ability to Boost Sales with Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented reality (AR) allows retailers to enhance the experience of online consumers with graphics and specific information. E-commerce retailers can use AR to help customers get a better idea of what they’re offering, which can increase sales.

AR has many possible uses for online jewelry retailers in 2019. Some companies primarily use AR for marketing, as they generate 3D models of rings, bracelets, and necklaces with AR technology. Some retailers even utilize try-on apps that let consumers ‘wear’ jewelry before they buy it.

Technology changes quickly in today’s world. The jewelry e-commerce industry can take advantage of these changes by seizing on these trends for the upcoming year, boosting sales and drawing in new customers.

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