The battle for entertainment technology dominance rages on

The world of global entertainment is one that is consistently faced with changes and evolutions that rock it, that force it into yet another state of realignment. Each year, the industry produces more feats of technological advancement, and each year the entertainment industry becomes more competitive and, by default, more difficult to establish long-lived success in. Regardless of if the entertainment technology in question is the royalty free music for podcasts, television series theme songs, sell-out concerts and festivals, or the success of an entertainment streaming service, the field of entertainment is becoming more competitive than ever before. Entertainment technology has introduced a whole new playing field, and every other day people are jumping on board and giving it their all. Entrepreneurs are developing apps and services that enhance entertainment. Companies are building up their foundations, strengthening their reaches. Artists, musicians, and actors are bringing to life vivid feats of visual entertainment. All of it is happening all the time, and entertainment technology is now charged with the responsibility of enhancing it all. But it comes with a competitive price.

When it comes to entertainment technology, it is fair to say that for a while now the reigning entertainment streaming service has predominantly been Netflix. Available in multiple countries, spanning both Netflix originals and other cinematic and musical feats of entertainment, the titan of industry has more than earned its position at the top of the ladder. Netflix is so hugely popular because of its broad range in genres, styles, and concepts, and consumers love it for its originality and its zest. The entertainment industry is ripe with bright new ideas, and Netflix just so happens to be one of the pioneering examples of entertainment technology that brings these new ideas to vivid life, time and again. And while Netflix has enjoyed a successful rise to the top, there is genuine competition that is heating up with every passing moment. Amazon’s Prime Video, YouTube, Hulu, Stan, Foxtel, and SBS on Demand are the main competitors to Netflix. But, there is a titan of industry rising in the west that is set to rock the competition to a whole new level, sending sparks flying and consumers into an excited chaos.

Entertainment mogul Disney recently merged with Fox. This merger marks the collaboration of two of the entertainment industry’s most established and beloved visual entertainment moguls. Shortly after this merger was announced, it became widespread knowledge that Disney planned to release its own streaming service. In the months before, Disney began the process of pulling its feature films from Netflix, and today only a few remain live. When Disney’s streaming service goes live, it is more than likely that the few remaining Disney features on streaming giant Netflix will be removed, made exclusively available to those who opt to pay for Disney’s streaming service. Disney’s move into the streaming service sector of the entertainment technology world marks the beginning of an interesting battle between two different generations in entertainment technology, pinned against one another.

Additionally, it also marks the established brand’s desire to revitalise its reaches and rebrand itself to modern consumers. Only time will tell which entertainment tech streaming service will reign supreme in the coming years. Despite all this success, and the entertainment streaming service’s ongoing positive reputation, the reign of Netflix may soon be coming to an indefinite end. While Netflix is still immensely popular the world over (and likely will be for the foreseeable future), the competition is growing fiercer by the day. The announcement that Disney is releasing its own streaming service later this year was met with a mixture of excitement, mild irritation, and curiosity – depending of course on who one was. It is unlikely that the rise of Disney’s streaming service will spell the demise of Netflix’s reign of entertainment tech service streaming, and vice versa, but alas the fact remains that this is an industry that is becoming more competitive by the day.

The entertainment industry has been faced with much innovation and countless lessons in its time. Regardless of which facet of entertainment, there is an innate sense of a surge in competitiveness. This surge in competitive angling is something that has been spurred on by the complete realisation that the future of entertainment sits squarely and firmly on the shoulders of individuals and companies who are willing to do the extra work to bring the industry – and the world, by direct consequence – to its knees. Entertainment technology is an incredible innovation in the entertainment industry, and it is brightening and pushing the limits of what entertainment can do. Entertainment technology is succeeding proof that technological advancement can improve and enhance an entire industry tenfold – again and again, time after time. And this is only the beginning of what is sure to be a wild, exciting ride. And so, into the future of entertainment we go, steered forward by technological reach.

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