Vaping can provide a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco products

Health is the number one concern of many humans. Their own individual health is important because without physical health being crucial to people, they cannot do much else if they aren’t healthy and well. There are many reasons for wanting to be healthier and many governments have actually take certain actions against harmful things to help and encourage citizens to lead healthier lives. For example, when it comes to alcohol and tobacco, well-developed governments put higher taxes on these products to build revenue. In an attempt to alleviate over-consumption of these products, governments will often tax them heavily. In recent years, tobacco has seen a rise in imported and exported taxes in the United States. This is due to the fact that tobacco is a carcinogen. Carcinogens are cancer causing agents. Cigarettes and cigars often contain chemicals that make it more harmful for the person smoking them. Often people smoke cigarettes and other tobacco products for the nicotine. Nicotine can be an addictive substance that has some relieving benefits to consumers of it. In order to combat the harsh and harmful substances that are found in traditional tobacco cigarettes, many nicotine users and smokers are switching to vaping or utilizing e-cigarettes. This switch has proven benefits from actually inhaling the smoke from tobacco. The first reason that people switch is that it is less daily litter. With traditional cigarettes and other smoking products, they are forced to find an ashtray or just litter their cigarettes when they put them out. Also smoking means that one must continuously have a lighter handy. With vaping, the amount of waste basically comes from the plastic cartridges that hold the ‘juice’ that goes into the vaping device. Some convenient stores and smokes shops now sell actual disposable e-cigarettes for consumers who may want to try a new alternative to smoking tobacco products. Some people use vaping as a way to quit smoking altogether whereas other ones just try to make the switch as a healthier alternative. Vaping can be healthier because it isn’t just direct tobacco smoke going into the lungs. Vaping is considered hot water vapor entering the lungs for an exchange of unique flavors and nicotine.

Vaping has become popular because it has been deemed less dangerous than tobacco. People who vape also have more opportunities to customize their vape pens. Vape pens can actually be extremely pricey of one chooses to make it so, but they can also be as cheap as to buy from a local convenience store. Vaping also allows for varying flavors. Many vape shops sell a variety of vape juices that come in a multitude of different flavors. The flavor differences are a large selling point. Tobacco cigarettes often just have a couple flavors that mask the cigarettes. Some of these flavors may include menthol cigarettes that typically come in a green or blue pack. Tobacco cigars are often flavored in a larger variety of flavors ranging from honey to grape. With smoking tobacco cigars, they are sometimes known as smoking products that are to not be inhaled. Cigars are for the taste more than the inhalation process. For this reason, people often claim that cigars are better for them than cigarettes, but that’s simply not the case. The tobacco smoke still enters the mouth and allows for room to seep down into the esophagus causing harmful damage to the tissues of the mouth and throat. This can cause health problems for the mouth and throat area that could potential need a professional medical consultation. With vaping allowing so many customizable options with healthier benefits, a large portion of the tobacco smoking population continues to switch to vaping.

With vaping what basically happens is that the coils heat the flavored liquid that turns into vapor with nicotine. With a touch of a button, the nicotine vapor enters the body. It’s important for people who vape to still understand that health risks that come with using a vape pen. Some studies show an increased risk for popcorn lung. Although vaping is healthier than directly smoking tobacco, it still poses some health risks. Due to the amount of chemicals in the vaping juice, it’s crucial to understand that people who are sensitive or cannot be around vaping should be respected and it should be done away from them. Many universities and other campuses have implemented a no-smoking rule, but the students still often vape in out in the open. As vape pens become more and more popular, the public restrictions on them may increase. Having a large cloud of cherry smelly vapor surrounding a person in a public area may not be the best for the community and eventually some regulations will be implemented in more public areas to provide an area for vapors and keep the non-smokers in their own area.

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