A classic interest at risk thanks to changes in the US

Everyone has a hobby. Some people like to paint or make music, others like to read or throw themselves into a gnarly sport. For some, their hobby is making the old new again, bringing things long past back and giving them a second chance at life. This applies to many things, but perhaps none more popular than the restoration of classic cars. A tricky and in-depth process, restoring a classic car is an incredibly time-consuming process. It demands patience, passion, determination, and above all else, understanding. It is important to understand that it is an old car. You might have thought of everything that may possibly need to be replaced or touched up. You might have made a list, and then checked it twice. But at some point during the restoration, you will almost definitely come across an expense that you were unprepared for. It might be something tiny, or it might be something monumentally important. Either way, it is bound to happen.

It is the way of the world when it comes to rebuilding the classics; the unexpected hits you when you feel like you are finally getting somewhere, and then it knocks the wind out of you. Hard work, it is true, but the restoration of a classic car will no doubt give anyone a sense of appreciation and patience that they did not have before. That is the magic of classic cars – they knock you about and then draw you in just when you thought you were done this time. Every enthusiast has their own way of doing things; some like to hand the vehicle over to the auto body shop and let them turn the dream into a vision of reality, while others prefer to work on the vehicle themselves, bringing it back to life (sometimes from the ground up).

No matter which way an enthusiast chooses to go about the restoration process, there is nothing quite like the feeling when the car is finally done and it all comes together right before their very eyes. It is a feeling entirely unique – especially if they did the work themselves and poured literal blood, sweat, and tears into the restoration to make it the beautiful classic that sits proudly in front of them today. Classic car shows are special because they have a funny habit of bringing together people that would never run in the same circles, were it not for their mutual love of the classic cars of times long past. Bonded by the passion for the hobby, people make quick friends. There is an undeniable sense of community at classic car meets. It is not everyone trying to outdo everyone else; it is simply a gathering to enjoy a mutual interest in all its glory.

Go just about anywhere in America that there will be a time throughout the year where that city or small town hosts a classic car show. During these car shows, enthusiasts and petrol heads alike spend days getting their classic vehicles ready for the show. The issue that classic car enthusiasts are facing currently in the US is that of a proposed 25% tariff on imported autos and auto parts. This is an issue for any car owner or lover that has a car that has parts that are difficult to get a hold of, but it is particularly frustrating for classic car enthusiasts because a lot of the parts that they need to invest in are only sold overseas.

The passion is global, and every area in the world is known for their signature styles and their crowd favourites. Even as the automotive industry goes through continuous and innovative evolutions, the passion is unlikely to die down any time soon. Not unlike the classic cars we are familiar with today, the younger generations are investing in cars that will one day be recognised as the classes of this automotive era. It is the nature of how things go; as time moves us on, the new becomes the old, and crowd favourites become classics that are kept in mint condition or in rusted bodies, ready to be pulled out and brought back to life when the owners have the time and money to invest in giving them a second life.

There is something incredibly special about classic cars. Seeing them from afar or sitting in them as they drive down the street, being around them is like stepping back into a different world. The automotive industry has been through evolution after evolution since the dawn of what we now refer to as the “classics” of the automotive industry, but even so, the classics remain the classics for a reason. Brilliant craftsmanship, stunning engines, and beautiful paint jobs all bind together to form the basis of some of the most fantastic cars that ever existed.

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