Satellite technology is (literally) out of this world

The satellite technology industry is sixty years old. A well-established industry very rarely can handle revolutions and innovations so many years after its inception, but the satellite technology industry has proven to be one of the few that can only handle it, but thrives on it. The ultimate goal of satellite technology is to make Earth entirely globally connected. There are currently four innovations making their way into the industry, turning it on its head and revolutionising it before our very eyes. Satellite technology is one of the most wonderful, forward technologies that has evolved from human hands. As it stands, the technology is currently limited in its abilities, mostly focusing on fixed ideas and the like, such as direct-to-home (DTH) application (satellite television, for example). 77% of satellite communications revenue is represented by fixed use utilisation. But as satellite get smaller – and therefore cheaper to create – and technological advancement speeds up, satellite communication and technology is going to expand more than many people can fathom.

A globally connected planet is the ultimate goal for satellite technology, and it has proven its worth time and again as past and present innovations have built the foundation for a bright and promising future for the technology to develop, expand, and evolve. Both startups and titans of industry (like Facebook) are buying into the promise of the technology, and for good reason. The promise of satellite technology holds so fiercely, in fact, that the idea of taking it universal is not only possible, but highly probable. While satellite is largely fixed use currently, it is making fast headway and is proving time and again how invaluable it truly is to the future of human society.

The first innovation that is up and coming is the process of making mobile communication available everywhere – literally. Satellite aims to reach the point where there is no roaming, no “dead zones”, and no borders that can disrupt connectivity. Individuals not only want access, but they want it always and they want it without disruption. The technology that drives satellite advancement and overall communication holds potential beyond imagination, and harnessing that potential and turning it into something convenient and globally accessible is the first and most important step in the evolution of satellite technology. This goes hand in hand with the second innovation making waves – connecting those that have previously been unconnected. Removing systems and objects like towers, hard wires, and metropolitan borders will allow more people than ever access to the internet and consequently the rest of the world (virtually).

Currently, the limitations of wireless mobile networks are causing problem after problem, making it incredibly difficult for networks to work out the kinks and address congestion issues. The future of satellite technology will allow both augmented and virtual reality applications to give professionals the chance and the means to engage and interact with consumers in ways that are convenient and meaningful – no matter where they are and what time it is. Again, this goes hand in hand with the last innovation in satellite technology that is making its way onto the market. Open and easy communications between professionals and consumers means that satellite technology is set to explode, becoming well and truly international in its means and motivations. As a direct result, better tracking will be available, as well as on-demand and streaming information and entertainment.

Modern innovations using the technology like the satellite phone have proven how valuable satellite technology truly is, as well as its possible potential. There has never been a technological advancement that has had a completely seamless transition, and satellite technology is no different. It is human nature to question newfound intricacies and realities, but the fact that satellite technology has already proven how invaluable it will be in the future, simply by the great leaps and bounds it has made in the time it has gone global. New technological innovations are being designed and tested all the time, and satellite technology has continued to become more easily accessible, more convenient, and more widespread with every innovation.

Satellite technology is in a current state of limitation. Functioning mostly to serve as the basis for fixed use utilisations, the technology is proving itself invaluable even now. As the technology continues to develop, expand, and evolve, so will its reach. First global impact, and then potentially universal, satellite technology is one of the most astounding, innovative technologies that has been brought to fruition so far. Today the technology feels limited, but in the future, it will literally be limitless – and that is where the true fun begins. Like many technologies before it, satellite is currently experiencing an era of trial and error, testing the boundaries and finding ways to jump over them. Satellite technology is going to be incredibly important in the near future (as if it is not already), and the interest in the market only proves that.

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