The importance of team building retreats

Everyone has heard the saying “teamwork makes the dream work” at some point in their life. This saying is especially true when it comes to the office lifestyle. When collaboration on projects is required, teamwork and trust are essentials. Without them, a business can crumble due to infighting and conflict. There are several studies that have shown that teamwork has a positive influence on a company’s productivity and effectiveness. This why some companies are beginning to utilize special team building retreats in order to build teamwork and trust within the company. However, what does an effective team building retreat contain, and how do you even set one up? Here’s how to plan an effective team building retreat.

The obvious answer to this question is the overall increase in trust and coordination within the company. However, there is much more to an effective retreat than the surface level. An effective retreat has a strong purpose and reasoning behind it. It also has the support of the entire company behind it, and employees that are willing to participate in the retreat’s activities. A failure to properly plan a team building retreat will simply result in your retreat turning into an unproductive waste of time. In fact, a botched retreat could actually harm chemistry within your company and could call your leadership into question. That is why it is important to plan accordingly and make sure your retreat runs smoothly!

Setting goals for a team building retreat is extremely difficult, but is also key to having success. Trust and chemistry between people are completely subjective and unquantifiable. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t set various goals for your employees. For example, you might want your employees to have a better understanding of the company’s culture or mission before the end of the retreat. In addition, you may want to focus on personal relationships, and have each employee learn something new about every one of your coworkers. Goal setting has shown to be an extremely important aspect of success in various aspects of life. Regardless of what goal you choose to go with, you need to set one so you can determine whether your retreat was a success or not.

Once you have a goal in mind, you need to plan a physical location to host your retreat. The location of your retreat has a major effect on the mood and effectiveness of your retreat. Nobody wants to spend a hot summer day learning about team building and trust in a dilapidated off-site building with no air conditioning. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to rent a beach house so that you can have your retreat in a personal paradise. Simply find an adequate location that can provide you with the means to reach your goals and satisfy your employees.

Now that you have your goals and location set in stone it’s time to coordinate the activities that will actually build your employee’s teamwork and trust. These activities can include any combination of icebreakers, team building games, or any other activity that you can possibly think of. During this time you will also want to plan out the various logistics of the retreat as well. For example, how will your employees be fed on this retreat? Will you cater with snack delivery or will they have to find other means to eat? Regardless of what you end up doing with your retreat, just make sure it is well coordinated and can avoid any snags that might bring it down.

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