What are Travel Blues and how to overcome them

Travel is one of the most incredible experiences in life. Meeting interesting people, exploring new lands and undertaking exotic adventures in a spirit of total freedom – things can’t get better than that. But amidst it all, travel blues have a way of sneaking up on even the most intrepid traveler. Travel blues tend to manifest as boredom, home-sickness and nostalgia. They may result in tiredness, loss of appetite and even depression in extreme cases, but would generally wear off over a period of time.

How can anyone in their right mind be bored with fascinating sights, delicious food and interesting people, is the common refrain. The glamour and romance of travel, with its adrenaline-pumping excitement and anticipation of new things, does fade over time and give way to a sense of boredom. Travel is not easy, especially across national borders.

Many people who hit the road turn home-sick for no apparent reason. They may miss the loved ones in their lives, comfort of their homes, security of routine and countless other invaluable things, especially when they are in a distant land far away from home. Change does impact humans in unanticipated ways.

Getting back from an exhilarating journey to the humdrum of daily existence can be a daunting experience indeed. The boredom of the normal home routine does evoke a sense of nostalgia for the vacation. The shorter the trip, the easier it is to adjust to the normal routine. Conversely, a longer tour makes adjustment more painful.

Conquering the Travel Blues

There are many ways to uplift the mood and convert travel into a truly memorable experience.

Some people love to plan their travels down to the minutest detail, while others like to take each day as it comes. There is no right and wrong way. It is best to cultivate an open mind and keep the sojourn flexible within the constraints of bureaucratic visa processes, so as not to be deprived of alluring experiences. If one is based in the UK, it is easy to schedule a Germany Schengen visa appointment in London online and the subsequent procedures are not that cumbersome either.

Learning the language is the best means of investing in the local culture and keeping travel blues at bay. Language enhances communication and bridges the social gap. Even if the stay is short, it doesn’t hurt to learn some basic phrases as this would reduce the stress in local interactions.

Whether travelling solo or in a group, it is a good idea to make space for ourselves and set aside time to do the things that we love. Taking time out of a busy day to engage in personal passions such as reading, exercise and photography, would nip any travel blues in the bud.

The mind-body connection is a crucial factor in travel. The mind and body are so intimately connected that physical weakness can render a person vulnerable to depression and anxiety. The reverse is also true; a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. It therefore makes immense sense to eat well, drink plenty of water, exercise regularly and sleep adequately.

Exhaustion can take a heavy toll on the body, muddle thinking and induce emotional lows. In such a situation, it is best to step back, regain strength and allow time for anxiety and sorrow to subside before moving on.

Since times immemorial, volunteering has been touted as an effective antidote to depression and a means of building the local community. It is no secret that by doing good, a person experiences a sense of purposefulness and self-satisfaction.

Overcoming Post-Travel Blues

Post-travel blues are also known as vacation hangovers. The sadness that travelers experience on their return back home can be anything from being disappointed at leaving the tourist place behind to feeling miserable that home pales in comparison to the travel experiences. Post-travel blues usually recede after some time, but it is best to tackle them proactively.

Travelling may be exciting, but home is still where the heart is. It may be difficult to be enamored with home after a breathtaking journey, but the small joys and familiarity of family, friends, animals and household comforts are still the best way to beat those nagging post-travel blues.

It is wonderful to view one’s home town, city and country through the eyes of a traveler. Such a tour is likely to give localities a whole new life, opening vistas of unexpected treats and surprises galore. Even a trip to an explored neighborhood might unearth treasure-trove of experiences for the adventure seeker. The little joys of travel might be right under your nose, after all.

There is no doubt that travel brings unforgettable memories of people, places and world around. However, the end of a journey does not imply that everything is well behind us. The experiences and memories gained from travel are bound to remain forever and it is in the fitness of things that one embraces them to the hilt.

Chronicling past travels is a recognized remedy to post-travel sadness. A photo is a reminder of the emotions attached to the travel experience, while a written piece is a gentle nudge to relive the memories of a journey long after life gets back to its usual ways. And today’s age of the ubiquitous Face book and blog makes chronicling so much easier.

Travel shapes an individual into a better person, provided he is able to pre-empt and manage the associated travel blues. Travelling is an excellent way to break out of the comfort zone, do something different, boost confidence and realize the true innate potential.

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