Basics to blogging: the importance of themes

Choosing a WordPress theme is a very important moment in launching your online presence. Themes give you the visual aesthetics and general layout you need to start developing a website, but there are still important factors to consider.

Idiosyncrasies like a themes footer or menu can make or break user experience, and today’s online consumer behavior emphasizes the extreme importance of user experience when it comes to website design.

Is your site going to be a blog? Will it be an online space for your new ecommerce business? These are all important elements to ponder when choosing a WordPress theme.

Let take a deeper look at how you can determine what WordPress theme is best for your future website’s growth and success.

Ecommerce WordPress Themes

If you’re planning to launch an ecommerce site, you’ll want to choose a WordPress theme that is easily customizable to your ecommerce needs. Did you know that there are WordPress themes specifically designed just for ecommerce? These themes can cut time-to-market significantly.

The type of products you want to sell can also play a role in the WordPress theme you choose. For instance, Mogo by SmartDataSoft, is an ecommerce theme that is fashion focused. This theme is an open cart design that you can use to easily build-out your site quickly.

Maxdino, a multipurpose Shopify theme, is an ecommerce platform designed for those combining WordPress with Shopify. It is also a mobile-ready design, which is very important when it comes to capitalizing on mobile user sales.

Blog/Magazine Specific Themes

If your online ambitions are more information delivery related, a blog theme may be best. There are a variety of blogger themes available online, and they are formatted just like some of your favorite blogs you visit daily.

For example, Genius Kitchen by 7uptheme, is a blog/magazine WordPress theme geared for foodies. If food is your blogging niche, this is a great theme to develop your website on.  

If you want to blog about everything, a more general WordPress theme is in order. For instance, Peppermint by Manhars is a responsive blog WordPress theme you can utilize for just about any industry or topic imaginable.

Choosing a WordPress Theme

From ecommerce themes to blog themes, there are definitely a lot of choices. You may even find yourself spending countless hours searching for the perfect theme for your business. However, don’t get too carried away with your search.

The sad reality is that no one theme has it all. There will always be a slight degree of customization needed to make your website unique. WordPress themes are essentially just high-level templates. You need to add content and install plugins to make it your own.

One of the reasons why no one WordPress theme is exactly right for you and your business needs is that they need to be just general enough to attract a large user base. If it is exactly what you’re looking for, than others may not like it, thus leading to a theme that doesn’t get purchased, or updated by its creators.

Narrow Your WordPress Theme Choice to 85 Percent Perfect

When searching for the perfect WordPress theme for you and your business needs, do your due diligence and settle on a theme that meets 85 percent of what you want. This leaves 15 percent for wiggle room and creativity.

Price is always a concern when it comes to choosing the perfect WordPress theme. It is best to not choose the free version of any theme. You can actually purchase great WordPress themes for less than $50. In fact, a few of the ones listed above as examples are under $30.

Balance aesthetics, price, and user experience and you’ll have a powerful website that your future users will love to visit.

A few WordPress theme elements to consider are:

  • Great design that is responsive or mobile-ready
  • Easy navigation for users
  • Compatible with the newest WordPress updates
  • Plenty of developer updates
  • Compatible with plugins that you need for your business goals
  • Support and documentation

You can choose a theme on a number of WordPress theme platforms, such as ThemeForest or Elegant Themes. One major factor to consider when choosing a WordPress theme is the installation process.

When you purchase a theme, you’ll need to upload it to your WordPress dashboard to get full access to all the pages and features. To install a WordPress theme to your dashboard you may need to upload it as a zip file and follow a number of instructions.

Wrapping Up . . .

It is vital to your business’ success to choose the perfect WordPress theme. You will always need to customize your website, especially as you grow. However, with a theme that closely matches your business needs, industry, and niche, you can make the process much easier in the long run.

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