The unfounded fears of Artificial Intelligence

Technology has made many groundbreaking moves in its time, and the latest is perhaps the most innovative thus far: artificial intelligence. Currently, there is a movement to make it easier to use artificial intelligence in application development. There are both big tech players and small start-up hopefuls that are already investing heavily in the concept, and the concept itself has been the heart of many entertainment narratives and enterprises, being the star theme in movies, television shows, and books. While the technology that is the core of AI has been innovative by any standards, the next steps in its evolution will prove to make or break the technology (though it is more than likely to make the tech – and its resulting developments – all the stronger).

AI technology has been in development since the time that the entertainment industry thrust the concept into stardom, sensationalising it until it became an exaggerated extension of its reality. While AI has been under development for years, it has only recently found its footing as a surging technology, becoming one of the leading tech advancements in recent history. With so much potential, it is only natural that there is concern among the masses about the future of AI technological advancement. Industry leaders are confronting the concerns head on, however, and are going out of their way to squash the concerns before they have the chance to develop from mere ideas into startling realities. AI technology is well and truly here and it brings with it new possibilities and questions for pondering.

While it has been a consistent debate that human and AI coexistence is a topic for concern, the current belief among those in the industry is that opportunity for coexistence between man and machine is not only possible, but positively feasible. AI technology is only a reality because human hands made it so, and so it stands to reason that AI development can only evolve and expand as much or as little as its creators allow it to. Every technology in the world is run by a software development company in some aspect, and the individuals and teams that are the heart and soul of AI tech development are paving the way for intelligent technology to take the world by storm. Every error in technology is the result of human error, not of corrupt technology. Digital systems malfunction as the result of mistakes by the human hands that built them.

There is nothing wrong with this, so long as the creators of such tech advancements are willing and able to take responsibility for their mistakes, and ensure that they do not happen again. It is easy for people to blame technology when things go awry but the reality is that like most things, errors in technologies like AI development are entirely the fault of their creators and not their coding. Human hands can create incredible feats, but we must keep in mind that they are also capable of mistakes. We are capable of error. And when error occurs at our own hands, we must be willing to do what we must to correct it, improve it, and ensure the next phase in the tech is not vulnerable to the same downfalls.

It is inevitable that certain aspects of the software development industry will be automated in the future, consequently providing career opportunities for site builders and configurators (among other professionals in the field). The technology that is at the core of AI development has such great potential for power that big players like Google are stepping up and ensuring safety in the face of future AI development. Most recently, Google has solved the problem of AI tech in weaponry before it has even come to fruition, banning the use of AI for such a destructive purpose. As AI technology has proven its worth in industries like medicine, science, and entertainment, there is interest and curiosity about the potential impact and value that such technologies can have on the battlefield.

AI technology has proven to be one of the most innovative, life-altering technologies that humanity has produced. The industry grapples with concerns and questions from the greater public, the individuals behind the gratifying tech movement continue to strengthen the industry. These teams are creating a digital front that can take the best traits of humanity and of machines and weave them together to forge a new reality in which technological advancement lifts humanity up, rather than tearing it down, as so many fear. Technology has proven its worth time and time again, and AI will more than likely prove to be one of the strongest and most beneficial of all technological advancements. In a world where society is increasingly depending on digital communication and impact, tech innovations like AI are not only the answers to questions surrounding the topic, but the future.

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