Why Malaysia is gaining popularity as a travel destination

Thinking of getting on a plane and heading to Malaysia for lush rainforests and orang utans? Hold up, before planning your vacation, you might need to check whether you require a Malaysia visa upon entry. While it sounds like a daunting and time-consuming task, in actuality, it can be relatively simple if done correctly.

Malaysia has about 14 different regions to visit — All equally interesting and have enormous cultural interests for any tourist and caters to the needs of just about any religion. In addition, Malaysia has many natural resources to explore such as beaches and rainforests. Many of the regions within Malaysia offer much to do for singles, groups and families alike.

In recent years, Malaysia has taken great steps to make it easier for those from the nearby countries to come and visit. Some of the steps taken include being able access more information to help make your decision easier, and access to the proper documentation to ensure your visa application is completed, to name a few. All of this information is returned to you in a manner that is rapid and convenient.

When planning to travel to Malaysia, you can use websites that explain top attractions, off the beaten path attractions, get weather information to help you pack, find accommodations in advance and more.

What I found fascinating is that the information is concise and not written from a very heavy sales pitch point-of -view. Everything that is needed to make real decisions and take action are right at your fingertips.

While researching this article not only did I find official tourism of Malaysia information, I was able to find reviews of attractions from travelers, hotel accommodations, and airplane recommendations to plan a trip in a painless fashion.

Making the decision to travel to Malaysia is the first step. After that step, deciding how to get a Malaysia visa is next. Based on research, getting a Malaysia visa requires sending documentation that includes a recent photo based on their passport requirements, copies of the front and back pages of your passport, making sure your passport is not going to expire within 6 months, ticket information regarding your return flight home, and proof of accommodation during your stay.

Once you have your documentation in place, you then decide what type of Malaysia visa you want. If you arrive from Thailand, Singapore, or India, and are a citizen from either of those countries with a valid and current passport, you will have to wait in line a number of hours until your name is called by the border officials to apply on the spot for a Malaysian visa.

Applying on the spot may seem like a good idea, however, you have to keep in mind that you will need approximately $1000 US Dollars on hand, in addition to the amount of each application fee. A return flight home or to your next destination is also required.

If just arriving at the border is not the best option for you, then you have the use of the online Malaysia visa services as well. According to research, there seems to be approximately 2 companies: iVisa and eVisa, that appear legitimate to use, and, according to these services, they are quite successful in obtaining you a visa, and helping you create a great start to your travel.

Once you have your Malaysian visa completed, your focus should be on what are you going to do and where you are going to do it while on your visit. Apps such as Malaysia Trip Planner, which was released officially through Malaysia’s Ministry of Tourism, and while not being updated often, does offer you information on tourist locations and cultural festivals happening around the country.

I would check out an app called TripViss to learn of tours to enhance your stay. The app lists free, private and group tours not only for Malaysia but also other destinations as well.

If being labeled as a tourist is not your goal, then an app called Local Usher may be of interest to you. This app maintains information on events and activities created by the local populace, who are more than happy to include tourists in these festivities and show them their homeland from a local’s perspective.

Getting around is another thing to think about. Everyone says there are buses everywhere these days around the world. That may be correct, however, you would like to know how much does a bus ride cost you, and if you can get an intra-city bus as well, right? That’s where the app called Catch That Bus will be very helpful. You can pre-plan when you will board the bus, which connecting buses you may need, and so much more. In addition, you can purchase tickets online at a discount.

Did you know that there is a train system in Malaysia? No? Neither did I, to be honest. At least, until I found this amazingly nifty app called KL Transit that could bury pretty much any other train traveling app around. It seems that train travel is the most cost effective to travel. This particular app tells what trains run through Kuala Lumpur, and what other regions, also known as districts, are available through the line.

If taxi is more in line for your needs, then grab an Uber taxi for familiarity’s sake, and you have another choice in the form of a local company called Grab Malaysia. Both companies offer a cash payment option in addition to credit card. Both companies are very diligent in terms of their hiring practices to ensure the safety of passengers, and both companies offer a flat rate fee for your travel.

With all this talk of getting around, I forgot to mention 2 other crucial points to remember and plan out. One is air travel. Air Asia is supposedly the most economical way to travel to Malaysia. Often times you can get a discount for your hotel when you book it together with their flights.

The other airlines that get you there is called Malaysia Airlines. They have an app that also allows you to book flights in advance, get status updates of your flight, and to add icing on the cake, you can book hotel accommodations through their app as well.

The second crucial point is money. Have you taken currency conversion into consideration? More than likely, you will need to have local currency as soon as you leave the airport, and one such app to provide conversion services is Curren Seek. Another is Swift Currency. Both apps give you information on currency conversion rates. Curren Seek claims to offer a location-based algorithm that helps you compare and find the best places that offer the best conversation rates. Swift Currency offers a very simple and stress-free method: Enter x amount of x currency you are looking for, and Swift Currency displays the results of how much it takes to get your requested amount in other currencies in a very straight-forward and easy-to-understand list.

Getting a Malaysian visa can indeed seem scary, or even overwhelming at first, but, if you use a trustworthy source or get all of the information on your own and submit your documents, it will be a breeze. Using apps and websites as aides in your search for accommodations, food, air travel, and transportation, is really easy and does not require a lot of work and or time to complete.

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