Month: July 2018

Traveling Might Make You Smarter

Travelling is one of the sublime pleasures of life. Everyone has their own reasons for travelling. Some venture out on vacations, others on business and still more take a joy ride to capitalize on some cheap flight and accommodation options. In his landmark essay titled ‘Why We Travel’, the British-born American travel writer Pico Iyer […]

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The Importance of Consumer Feedback

Customer input and feedback is one of the most crucial facets of business growth and success. In order for a company to thrive, they must first take the time and steps into understanding what customers think about their product or service. They have to understand consumer behavior and be intelligent and clever enough with their […]

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The Dangers of Alcohol Consumption

Although widely available and legal to consume in most countries today, alcohol consumption still come with a significant amount of health risks, which consumers may not be fully aware of. Besides impairing motor coordination and cognitive skills when consumed in large amounts, risk of cancer increases with the amount of alcohol that a person drinks, […]

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