The advantages and disadvantages of homeschool, public, and private school

With any major life decision, acting on impulse is not always the best idea. It’s crucial to weigh the advantages and disadvantages in all decisions that with have a direct consequence or outcome. Weighing the pros and cons must be done without bias, and with a true and researched understanding of what may happen good or bad. Parents choosing decisions for their children must truly have a deep understanding of what is actually best for the child and not make decisions based off of reasons that are best for the parent or what other people will think.

When it comes to a child’s education, deciding the best option for them comes with what works best for the family and what provides the best education.

Most parents have a few options when it comes to deciding on their child’s education. Private school remains a highly sought after option, but it is expensive and not affordable for many families. A significant majority of most populations attend public schools. Another viable option is deciding to homeschool children.

Private schools offer outstanding education and advancement with a higher ability for students to test with an aptitude to get accepted into a private college someday. These prestigious establishments are often sought after due to its prestige, and has nothing to do with the quality of their education. Experts have been arguing over whether they are really better than the public education system, pointing out that that public school students outperform private school students due to the teachers and a number of other factors. Furthermore,

Public school offers many educational and social advantages. Public school is where a majority of the population goes so it’s a way to be socialized. Public school students are able to actually participate in athletics, academic and social clubs, student council, and make lifelong friendships. Most of them get to experience prom and homecoming. They have the ability to go to sporting events and be a part of a large organization that is bigger than themselves. They develop social skills that many homeschoolers are left at a disadvantage with. Public school allows students to learn about team work, setting and achieving goals, and learn from an educator that has scholarly training in education or some field of teaching.

With public schools equipped with gifted and special education teachers, students with individualized education plans (IEP) are given ample amounts of individual attention so that they are on the correct path for learning at their pace. Although public schools are there to teach the same thing to all students in the classroom, their creativity and individuality is celebrated in their writing or specials classes. In art they create pieces, in music they make sound, in gym they learn about health, all of these are ways where students are given ways to express. During recess they make friends and play outside. Public school has disadvantages with classroom size. One teacher for 20-30 students can be a lot to handle, but with the social experiences students gain from public schools, it can be a great option for parents.

Homeschooling can be advantageous for the student if the parent is properly equipped and actually knows how to teach the student. It’s an environment with individualized attention. Some states have more materials and information available than other areas. For example, a parent homeschooling in New York will have more resources available than a parent homeschooling in a poverty stricken state like West Virginia. Just as with public school differences, the direct impact of economic differences also weighs in on homeschoolers.

Homeschooling does offer an area where students are given attention from someone they already trust and know. In order to make homeschooling go more smoothly, parents should make sure they know proper education techniques. Homeschoolers in New York must do an annual evaluation to make sure they are performing on the same level of other students in their grade. With the major concern of homeschooling being over proper child socialization, it’s important to find other homeschooled children in the area to socialize with. If the student wants to be involved in extracurriculars, signing them up for an area organization or club sport could be beneficial for them to make friends. Homeschooling comes with many advantages and disadvantages, it’s important to decide what is best for the student and family.

Just like in any profession, not all teachers are great teachers, but there are some that are amazing. It’s hard to determine what education can be best for student without proper research. Most expert research argues for the advantages of public schools while parents and some psychologists may argue in favor of homeschooling.  It’s not a right or wrong decision, but more a decision to be made in favor of what works best for the student, their education, and the family. Education is one of the most valuable earnings an individual can have for knowledge is the greatest tool in life.

At the end of the day, any one of these options might lead the student down the path of becoming a doctor or an MBA holder. Education, while important, is not the sole determining factor whether a child becomes successful. Most of that comes from self-motivation and the desire to succeed in their various fields of specialty or passion.

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