Online learning is paving the way for the next generation

As is the case with every industry these days, online learning is being given a shift in focus, being pulled and prodded to align with the way that the world is moving. Simply put, as technology becomes increasingly important in the modern world, the industries that function in this modern world are evolving to implement digitized methods that will not only bring them up to speed with the rest of the business world, but (hopefully) put them ahead of the game. Education has always been a pillar of continuous priority, and as the world becomes more technologically-enhanced, so does the learning sector. As traditional learning methods approach their use-by dates, platforms for online learning bridge the gap between the era passing humanity by, and the era fast approaching. Technology is turning industries around, providing them with the tools and practices that they need to seamlessly transition into this new tech-driven era. As it is shifted into focus to align with the increase of digitization, online learning is fast becoming not only more cost-effective, but more convenient and more accessible – especially for those with busy, chaotic lives.

Technology has always been a fast-moving concept, and as models of technology that were once bright and shiny become mainstream, the pace quickens again. One of the most integral industries in the world is the education industry. As technology widens the scope of possibility, accessibility, and usability, old methods of learning are becoming less and less relevant, to the point that they are slowly being phased out in favour of updated, more current versions. Gone are the days that students had to painfully leaf through hundreds of pages in encyclopaedias to find snippets of information relevant to their papers. Students no longer must rely on textbooks so old and outdated that their information is not always current (and therefore, correct). Online learning is giving the students of today – and the students of tomorrow, and after that – access to tools and skills that were never within the scope of possibility before technological advancement soared into existence. When one considers the exceedingly efficient innovation of online education, it comes as no surprise that online learning has been referred to as a weapon in digital transformation.

The rapid pace of technological advancement is putting professionals in a position where they must be continuously learning new skills and evolving current ones to keep up with the pace of their professional environment. Additionally, as the tech field advances, it goes without saying that job opportunities within that field also expand. For those that yearn for a career in information technology, there are countless online learning tools available. ITIL Foundation Training and various other online learning platforms allow individuals the opportunity to advance their skillset. Technology has truly not only broadened the horizons for what is possible for students, but it has blown them wide open and enhanced the settings. The students of today are, often, carving their own paths to success. On average, most individuals lead relatively busy lives. Whether it be running a company, balancing work life with family life, or keeping healthy and active while working (among many other contributing factors), more and more individuals are finding that they simply do not have the time or the luxury to be on campus as often as is needed to complete a degree the traditional way. Currently, it is quite common for students to lean towards online learning as opposed to traditional education, particularly when the career industry is shifting away from the traditional mould that it used to centre itself around.

As well as a steady influx of undergraduate students, there is an increasing amount of postgraduates taking the leap to online learning as a means of further advancing their skillset. However, regardless of the level of education an individual is interested in pursuing, there is the age-old question of motivation. The topic of procrastination in students is continuous, and there is something to be said about igniting one’s own motivation. There are multiple ways for individuals to stay motivated while studying, including setting goals and scheduling one’s day accordingly. While online learning has been faced with controversy surrounding the lack of accountability of students engaging in said learning platforms, there is much to be said for simply having the time. When studying the traditional way, students are essentially forced to be on campus at allocated times to go to classes, complete assessment, and receive marks for attendance. As most students these days lead increasingly busy lives, not many of them have time to invest in such penetratingly long stints on campus. As a result, they either opt to go to work and get financial stability over their education, or they simply drop out. Online learning allows students to invest time in their education without having to stress about having to choose between shifts, family time, and their education.

The world has been engaged in a steady shift towards a more digitized reality for the past few years. With this move to digitization comes also the shift of every relevant industry in current motion – including what is (arguably) the most important industry…education. Individuals used to have to rely on investing heavy time and finances into physically being on location at set times for their classes and assessments. The modern-day method of education, however, allows students to pursue their education through online learning, resulting in more individuals enrolling, easier access to education, and more scheduling flexibility. As the students of this generation (and those that follow) acquaint themselves with the online learning methods coming into practice, they can ensure that they are able to give their studies their best, while simultaneously thriving in their personal lives, too. As the digitized era settles into focus, so do the students of tomorrow – with easier accessibility and more steady focus, these individuals will pave the way for successful careers.

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