Month: May 2018

International Insurance Provisions Approved Under Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief and Consumer Protection Act

With 258-159 votes among the House of Representatives, a major regulatory bill comprising financial regulatory requirements had finally been passed. This new legislation includes provisions of international insurance negotiations that affect regional and small business insurance companies. The U.S President, Donald Trump, recently signed it as a bill known as the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief […]

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Fintech paving the way out of student debt

Whether you buy a latte with your smartphone or send an e-transfer to a friend, you can thank the latest fintech innovations for these convenient transactions. Shorthand for the place where technology intersects financial services, fintech defines an eclectic group of data-driven companies varying from tiny startups to unicorn status enterprises. As fintech grows from […]

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The Future of Mobile Apps

Though we’re all glued to our phones nearly the entire day, we have no idea how large the smartphone industry actually is. In reality, we’re actually living in the world of mobile apps. Though we download new apps onto our phones without question, over 200,000 million app downloads occurred in 2017. And this is only […]

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